Choosing and obtaining the materials to build your guitar is the first thing you have to do. There are
two basic parts to a guitar, the neck and the body. The parts can be obtained in a kit,  individually or
by making them like these people did.


The basic neck is made from a block of wood approximately 30" long,  4" high and 3.5" wide. It has
a fingerboard made of rosewood or ebony attached to the front of it where the frets are attached. It
also has an overlay which matches the fingerboard attached to the face of the headstock.

The basic electric guitar body is made from a blank piece of hard wood 22" long 16" wide and 1.25
to 1.75 inches thick. The rest of the body parts are attached to the body or in cavities routed out for

The basic acoustic guitar body is made of three pieces. A top or front made from a piece of spruce   
22" long, 17" wide and .125" thick.  The back is made from a piece of mahogany 22" long, 17"
wide and .125" think. Two sides are made of the same wood as the back from a piece 34" long, 4 "
wide and .125" thick. The thickness of the wood may very depending on the design of the instrument.

There are pieces of wood glued to the inside of the top and back and to the inside of the sides called
braces.  The braces add strength and help distribute the vibrations from the strings that eventually
create the sound.

Places to obtain parts: Kits and individual parts may be purchased directly from Stewart
MacDonald Guitar Part Supplier at Kits and parts and raw materials may be
purchased directly from in the Custom Shoppe.

Building The Guitar of Your Dreams


Getting The Materials