Building the Guitar Of Your Dreams  by  Ron Lucca

The photos were taken during three courses held at Lucca's Music Shoppe in Chadds Ford, PA.
Building a guitar is a dream of many guitarists. It's the dream of getting the perfect
instrument. Building anything takes time and an outline or blue print to follow. There are
many books that will show you how a certain luthier will build a guitar, but this course is
a little different. This course will show you how guitarists like yourself took the time to
take the course and a chance at making that guitar of their dreams. So here it is.

Twith hand tools only course.

During my course I was the only person who cut anything with an electric power tool.
I was the only person who drilled anything with an electric drill.
I was the only one who sprayed the guitars with lacquer.
I did this because there were people in the class who never worked around machinery.  
We needed a safer environment, so I made it a hand tools only course.
14 people made the guitar of their dreams using hand tools only.

Always were eye and ear protection when cutting, drilling, sanding and hammering.
Always wear eye and ear protection when operating machinery.
Never work around machinery without someone else nearby.
Let someone know where you are and when you should be contacting them.
Tell someone that you will be taking a longer than normal time.
Let people when you should be done working in the shop.
Never work on machinery with out someone else within shouting distance.
A cell phone near by is a very good practice.
Take frequent breaks if you are using heavy machinery.
Take the time to think out your steps and procedures, think twice cut once.

Have fun building your guitar.

Ron Lucca

I am always willing to answer any question that I can for you.
The course that you are about to take is a build with hand tools only course.
Safety First