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The Lucca Jazstra is my answer for the professional jazz/rock/studio guitarist after
40 years of playing and building guitars. I made it for the player who wants a guitar
that performs and sounds like a jazz box and a hot rock guitar all in one.

My Jazstra is a thru body design made of beautiful flamed maple with fine strips of
mahogany.  I built a prototype without the mahogany separators and found the sound
to sharp and hard. The mahogany softens the sound and enhances the sound and feel
of the vibrating tone.

The solid one piece neck and body design delivers great sustain and sensation. Each
note can be felt along the neck and body because each note is one uninterrupted
vibration reacting with the next from end to end of the instrument.

The necks heel design blends smoothly into the body so that there is no obstacle for
my thumb or palm to run into.

I made my Jazstra with Gibson Classic 57's and a Schaller roller bridge/tailpeice.
The inset bridge delivers more intensity to the over all sound.

I installed gold Grover Minis.

My Jazstra is a custom instrument and so will yours be. You choose what parts you
want and I will build you a Jazstra you will never replace.    

I am building myself and Jazstra 8 string next.  

Thanks for coming to see my website. Please look around.

Ron Lucca
The Jazstra is my idea of a comfortable, beautiful solid body guitar feel, sound and look