Premier Acoustic Archtop Guitar
Master Grade European Spruce top
Curly Maple Sides and Back
Ebony Overylay

Abalone Inlay

Five Piece  Black & White Binding

Headstock, Neck Heal &  
Extension All One Piece  
Ebony Heal Cap

Ebony Violin Style
Bridge & Tailpiece

Abalone Lucca Signature Hand Cut

Schaller Machines

Cocobola Trussrod Cap
             2.75" EbonyNut
25.5" Scale Ebony Fingerboard
The Lucca L5000 is a Master quality hand
made archtop guitar. It was built in
anticiaption of my 40th Anniversary as a
luthier. This guitar was custom built for Dan
Calabrese a collector of vintage guitars.
The L5000-2
will be the first
master built
instrument to be
available for sale
in 2009 to the
public. Only ten
with this model
number will be
made. Custom
features will not
be available with
the same serial
The Lucca Custom L5000
Dan Calabrese
Dear Ron,

Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how much I love my new custom guitar. I not only enjoy having it, I enjoyed the
entire experience of having it made.  From our first meeting when we discussed how the guitar would look, to picking the neck
and deciding on the bindings and tuning keys the entire experience was a joy.

My guitar is more than a musical instrument it is a work of art. I can’t bring myself to leave it in the case. It sits instead in my
living room for everyone that visits to see. My family and friends all agree that it is the most beautiful guitar they have ever seen.
Even those that do not know how to play, love to pick it up and hold it.

Thank you for the care and time that you put into what has now become a Calabrese Family heirloom.

                                                                                      Yours Truly,
                                                                                      Dan Calabrese