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The LS1-C7   &    LS1-C6   Archtop Guitars
LS1-C7                                   LS1-C6

The Lucca Series 1 Custom Guitar is a  
single cutaway archtop guitar.

The first LS1 was sold to a professional
guitarist in Germany who saw my
Herloom guitar in Just Jazz Magazine. He
asked me to build him a custom thinline
archtop and traveled to the USA to pick it
up when it was ready. I liked it so much
that I made one for myself and published
in JJG. I made 20 in the next three years.  

The LS1C  can be made with a carved
top and back, with solid maple sides, with
a one piece or laminate maple neck and
everything ebony. The two guitars on this
page are both hand carved top and back
with three piece necks which is a very
popular choice. The rest of the
appointments on your LS1C are your

I use laminate backs from Germany that
are beautiful pressed laminate backs used
by Benedetto, Unger and many other
The firstLucca LS1
The LS1C can be thin or
full depth at no extra cost
Curly maple pressed laminate
backs can be purchased from  
luthier supply companies.
LUCCA Logo in abolone
LS1C-7 basic headstock
LS1C-6 basic headstock
All custom instruments come with a lifetime guarantee for the original owner.    
I have heard from many guitarists that owning a custom made instrument was something that they
only dreamed of because the price was out of sight.  Because of the large number of great builders,
that dream can become a reality. There are hundreds of luthiers who are building beautiful guitars for
players not just collectors. Shop around and find the person who can answer your questions and is
willing to build the guitar of your dreams for you the way you have always dreamed it should be.
There are many new builders who are doing a fine job. They will build your first custom instrument at
a reasonable price with pride and care. Because I was willing to do just that, I have had many repeat
All the instruments listed on the Lucca Custom Shoppe page were built to custom order
except for the my Heirloom model and the LS1C-7 that I built for my self. Each guitar was
made to the specifications of the owner including the dimensions of the neck thickness, width
of the nut and the string spacing. All ebony parts are Lucca Custom Guitar custom made parts
built with care and skill developed over 30 years of instrument luthiery. See the about us
page for my history as a luthier.