Interactive Guitar Lessons with Ron Lucca
Welcome to Lessons with Ron Lucca. I am offering free Guitar lessons, the ability to read music
and how to develop all the basic technical skills needed to perform songs and accompany others.
These lessons are free to everyone. If you have questions or requests of something that you
would like to see performed or explained live, email me and I will upload a video for you to view
provided the request falls within the guidelines of this lesson format. If the requests are of a more
professional nature you may be asked to provide financial compensation via Paypal.

You may also reach me at 610-361-0055.

All uploads will remain permanently on this page and additional pages as needed.

Private lessons
You may request private uploads of information that are prepaid. These uploads will be available
only to those who prepay them on a personalized and private page.

My Philosophy

I wish to share my music with the world and leave this world with honor and the love that I have
been shown.
"If all the wicks aflame were gather here before us our eyes would shine most bright."
(copyright 1983 Ronald J.Lucca)

A recording of this song is available to view on the Entertainment Page.