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Mr. Ronald J. Lucca
Master Luthier

Built first guitar 1969; classical style.
Began serving apprenticeship 1970 under direction of master
builder for the Steinway Piano Company, Philadelphia, PA
Became member of Piano Technician's Guild 1975
Formed piano tuning and repair business 1975
Primary tuner for Philadelphia based piano companies 1976-78
Formed Lucca Music Service Inc. 1980
Five Year Music Program BM/BME, PCPA 1981-85
Masters Program Music Therapy, Temple University  1986
Formed "All Things Musical Corporation" 1991
Formed Lucca Musical Instrument Repair Company 1992
Formed Lucca's Music Shoppe 1994
First LS1C sold outside USA 1995
Official Builder of Benedetto Ebony tailpiece & fingerest
First Lucca Guitar Publication in Just Jazz Magazine 1998
#110  Instrument Made 2006
#158 L500 Made 2088
Master Luthier

Mr. Ronald J. Lucca

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